All We Do ETC( Eat, Travel, Clothing)!     


Fashion, designs, colors have always attracted me and it has been only increasing day by day.

“All We Do ETC” is all about everthing that we do “eat travel and clothing” well. Hence this blog is all about us, all that we do : eating without weight watching(E), traveling like there’s no tomorrow(T) and dressing up just the way we both like.(C)

All We Do E      All We Do E: As we both love to indulge in great food, we try to explore all the local cuisines and not so local ones and try to choose our favourite item in each restuaurants. We both are a great fan of fine dining and we both love visitng the world’s top best restuarants as much as we love the street food

All We Do T All We Do T: We have been traveling together for years now and the fondness is continuing to only grow. Join us in our journey as we write and share our favorite trips, tips to plan those and do’s and dont’s that associate with them

All We Do CAll We Do C: We both like dressing up, we both love putting on our best dresses everywhere we go and for everything we do. We love high end fashion and like to keep ourselves quirky and nice at the same time.

Have fun reading them. Hope you all enjoy it.

Be awesome today and every day!!!

Copyright and Disclosures: I am the proud owner of all the dresses, accessories and beauty products that I will be writing in my blogs. I have bought it for myself and I am going to rant about how it makes me feel beautiful, how I mix and match them, how I carry it off with ease. All the products that I am going to be mentioning here are purchased by me and I happily use them on a regular basis and is NOT an advertisement. All the reviews, opinions and styling is purely and only mine.
Writing, Styling, and Review is by the author, Shama Baruve
Photography and Editing is done by “Click it Simple Photography By Prashant”