All We Do ETC( Eat, Travel, Clothing)!     

Fashion, designs, colors have always attracted me and it has been only increasing day by day.

I am Shama Baruve, a Software Professional, currently located in the US with my loving husband. I absolutely love my work. Apart from my work, I like dressing up for myself, keeping it up with the latest trends. I like to experiment with my looks every now and then. I mix n match the stuff that I have and make the best use of them. And of course, I enjoy shopping. Even if it’s window shopping, I totally enjoy it. Just observing the dresses, colors, and patterns in the shop make me happy.

Traveling has been my latest crush which is eventually getting habituated because of my doting husband.  I love going places, dressed up accordingly for every occasion and for every place. We at-least try and travel to far off places once in a month. There are times when on a Friday evening after work, we have caught a flight and gone places with no planning. And every weekend, we go to some or the other nearby places.

And I also have a big obsession with food. I can just keep eating all day long.  Since I travel a lot, I try and eat more of the local cuisines. No food disinterests me. I like every kind of food. And to begin my day, I definitely need a cup of Chai(Tea with milk) every morning.

I also love music. I learned Carnatic classical music for approximately 10 years. I keep singing whenever I can. I sing everywhere. I also listen to lots of music every day. My mornings always begin with music.

Even though I love food, I enjoy cooking only when I am completely bored. I find it extremely tedious to cook on a daily basis. So, only when I am bored, the kitchen is all mine. And in my favor, my husband absolutely loves cooking. He is an amazing cook too. He has tried and tested so many foods when he was with his friends. So, now just by tasting some food at the restaurants, he tries them at home. But it’s not always him who cooks at home as it’s too tiring for him too at the end of the day, So we share and do the chores.

I love cameras as well. And just to be in front of it. My husband is the one who takes the pictures. So, all the pictures here in my blogs are captured by him.

Coming back to my work, I love my job. But to not make it monotonous, I try and keep it only for 5 days a week and try not to work more.

I like working out. I usually prefer cardio. So, when I can’t really make it to the gym, I make sure I get a decent walk in the open ground. I try and hit the gym at least 5 days a week.

I usually talk less unless it’s my husband. I am a great listener otherwise. But when it’s with my Man, he is always the listener. I love talking to him all night long.

Coming back to my blogs, this is all about eat travel and clothing.Why I chose this name “All We Do ETC” is every woman does more or less the similar things, eat travel and dress well. Hence this blog is all about us, all the woman who enjoy eating without weight watching, traveling like there’s no tomorrow and dressing up like a queen.

Why I chose this name? :  “All We Do ETC” is about the woman who does more or less the similar things. This blog is all about us, all the woman who enjoy eating without weight watching, traveling like there’s no tomorrow and dressing up like a queen.

Have fun reading them. Hope you all enjoy it.

Be awesome today and every day!!!

Copyright and Disclosures: I am the proud owner of all the dresses, accessories and beauty products that I will be writing in my blogs. I have bought it for myself and I am going to rant about how it makes me feel beautiful, how I mix and match them, how I carry it off with ease. All the products that I am going to be mentioning here are purchased by me and I happily use them on a regular basis and is NOT an advertisement. All the reviews, opinions and styling is purely and only mine. 

Writing, Styling, and Review is by the author, Shama Baruve

Photography and Editing is done by “Click it Simple Photography By Prashant”