Chicago is also one among the top places that the entire world is aware of or at least heard of. Our visit to Chicago was on the fourth weekend of the month, we were traveling on all the weekends of the month and boy, how fun it was. Everything so new, from food to places, from the mode of transport to places to visit. We strongly believe that every place on this God’s beautiful earth is gorgeous, but only few leaves it’s signature on us. Chicago is located in the eastern part of the US and is also called as Windy City because of it’s Windy-ness due to the Lake Michigan.  Chicago has lakes, beach, beautiful skyline, world’s best restaurants, high-end shopping, IT-industry, movable bridges, beautiful architectures, ferry rides within the city. I can’t think of anything else that a city needs to be world famous. 🙂

We visited Chicago on a summer, but we had to tag along a jacket during the mornings and evenings without miss. We started our trip early on the day and we started from the downtown. The downtown is so gorgeous in Chicago, don’t ask!


The Lake shore is right in the downtown, and it has so many other attractions in the downtown loop. The lake is so blue in color, its difficult to believe it’s naturally blue. Since we were pretty early in the day visiting the place, we thought we would hardly get to see anyone near the area. Contradicting highly to our thoughts, we saw so many of the locals doing their morning run, so many parents along with their kids kickstarting their day, friends out on a stroll, it seemed like as if everybody in Chicago were early birds and are so filled with energy.


We had our early morning Chai next to the lake, sitting next to each other, idle for quite some time. The fellow visitors energy was a add on booster to our morning Chai. After leaving from there, we decided to do a round in the loop only to realize just after 5 minutes that everything in the loop is worth capturing in our camera. Our camera’s shutter was being tapped almost continuously by Prashant. He was at his non-stop mode that day for he was seeing beauty in everything. The next best thing in Chicago was the “Spitting LED faces”.

There was a huge building with lit-up child’s face spitting water, a fountain with a twist. (Such brilliant is a man’s imagination). There were kids dancing in happiness under this huge building, As we moved on, we came across yet another famous attraction, “The Steel Bean”. There was such a huge crowd here, there was no enough place to stand. Being famous is not that easy, lol. 😀


We did a small visit to the museums on our way and finally we went on to take the ferry ride in the mid of the city. The Ferry ride was special because the ride was on the emerald colored water. To top it, the architectural beauty of the city left us spellbound. We went to a fine dining restaurant that day, and rested the night away.


We started our next day by visiting few other museums and went to visit the Navy Pier. This place easily needs at-least a day to visit. We took few rides, had good food and drank our heart away. After which we spent our evening lazily loafing around. Even now, our visit to the famous Willis Tower was pending.

We finally decided that we want to take a view of the city from the top most landmark during the day and during the night. We wanted to experience both of it. Our favorite was the night view of the city. The city was lit-up as if the entire city is rejoicing and celebrating. The Willis tower stood there so tall, our necks screamed pain :D. We did a 360 degree observatory also with the tilt experience and was so fun!

We also had some local oven baked pizza, some famous pop-corn, ice creams and local drinks. For us, trying every city’s food and beverage is a must thing to do when we visit them, and we make sure we enjoy every gist of it. And finally we bid a small goodbye to Chicago only to come back again soon.

Few more pictures from the trip:



Our favorites in Chicago : Skyline, amazing architecture, Great food, Great beverages, Ferry Ride, downtown loop, skyline, Navy Pier among many others.

You, Be awesome today and everyday!!!

Until 5 of 51 states – Him and I 🙂

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