This state is almost as famous as New York for it is beautiful in its own, and also because it is bordered by New York.


For people who visit New York, taking a small divergence routes to New Jersey. New Jersey can be reached by the battery park ferry ride from New York, or a small drive from NYC, or by a direct flight.

Leaving NYC aside, New Jersey is a place that deserves a visit at-least for the weekend. This place is filled with good food, amazing huge casinos and the stunning Atlantic beach. It also shares the Statue of Liberty with New York. We can visit to the wonder of the world through either of the places.



Atlantic City is as glamorous as the world famous Las Vegas. The huge sky-high casinos is attractive in it’s own way. And the coastline is so beautiful that one can spend the entire day on the coast. Also, the broad walk offers some super cool water sports, super cute candy shops and worlds-best restaurants.


We visited this place for the first time when we were comparatively new to the US. We were smitten by it’s picturesque beauty. In general, we both love being by the coast or any shore doing nothing. But the first impression this place offered left both of us awestruck. The crazy crowd even when the day was roaring with scotching sun, the alone time that few of the folks were having, the fun group who seemed like they were having the best day of their life, the kids playing with the sand, made us feel so comfortable and left an impeccable impression in our memories.



We spent quite lot of time under the sun ( it didn’t bother us even once), we lied on the coast, we felt the waves, we saw the sun set and only then we decided to take a stroll  on the broad walk. We dined in one of the best restaurants in the city and went on to treat ourselves in the glamorous Casino. It was one of the best nights we had. We played, roamed in the city like there was no tomorrow and called the night off.


And we were sure we were coming to the place again and again for this place had left a lasting impression on us.

You, Be awesome today and everyday!!!

Until 4 of 51 states – Him and I 🙂

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