Traveling the USA in Style- 2 out of 51 – New York

New York

Do I even need to write about “New York”? The word in itself is everything. It’s a dream city for many of the people across the globe including us. The name, the place is very much hypnotizing in a good way. How much ever I write is just never, ever enough to describing what a mesmerizing beauty this “New York” is. We both have visited this state “n” number of times that we have lost count.

The first place that we visited far away from home was the Niagara Falls. This gigantic falls is worldwide famous that you see visitors every single day from the locals to visitors from the other states to the visitors from other countries. The roar of the dazzling falls is very soothing. Niagara Falls is an international border between America and Canada. We can stand in either side of the falls and wave across to the fellows standing in the other border.


The enormous falls is a collection of 3 waterfalls, “The Bridal Veil Falls”, “The Horseshoe Falls” and “The American Falls”, all the names have been based on how they visually appear. This place is reachable via airport in Buffalo, and then renting a car or using Taxi service would be the best bet or if you are staying in a hotel, shuttle services are provided to the falls.

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The Niagara Falls Park has multiple entrances, each one is connected and can be walked along. If you are “not in a mood for a walk, use the Niagara Falls tram and then take stops inside the park. Niagara Falls is best viewed from all corners of the park, but they also have rides such as “Maid of the Mist” and “Cave of the Winds”. “Maid of the Mist” is a tour on the ferry where they take you along with fellow passengers to the nearest view possible.  “Cave of the wind” is a tour where in you get to play with the “Bridal Veil Falls”. Along with just the falls, Niagara Falls place offers aquariums too. When you are travelling with kids, visiting aquarium is a thing you must not miss.


If you are in a mood for some adventure, then a visit to “Whirlpool Jet ride” is a must. It’s around 30 min drive from the Niagara Falls. It’s usually open during the summer for obvious reasons for in winter, the falls almost freezes every year.

And this was the result of the whirlpool ride that we took.


After the ride, this place has some cool sports bar which are visited by the fellow riders and the locals. The below picture if from one of them.


New York City:

I love the lifestyle that New York city offers, busy, always on toes, so much to do in so little time, amazing food accessible in every block, all the luxury brands, the flea markets, street food, street wear, what not. You name it; you get it in this city. This is easily one of the places that we don’t mind visiting every weekend. There are innumerable travel spots, innumerable attractions, innumerable corners, innumerable things that one can do in this enormous city. As I write this, I am afraid I will be missing few places that we have been to, so many nooks and corners  we have seen here and are worth visiting. This place is full of energy every single day, all 365 days. There is no such lazy day here. If you are visiting for the first time, we have the famous places to visit that are highly rated on internet and are shown in most of the series and movies.

I have a couple of blogs already written earlier on NYC days. More info on New york city for a Day: and

NYC is connected to all its corners via metro. The best and comfortable way to roam around is via metro.

NYC also has “One of the 7 wonders of the world”, the Statue of Liberty. Do we need an introduction to this ever? We have read about it since our school days. A woman standing tall holding a torch in her right hand above her head and holding a tablet in her left. This statue is standing tall since 1886 on the Liberty Island. When you are in the US, you must visit this statue for sure. It is one of the 7 wonders for a reason right! The statue of liberty can be seen far away from the battery park, I can also be visited via the ferry. There is a Ferry as early as 8.30 AM. They usually take us to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and also to New Jersey. When reached to the Statue of liberty, we get to roam around in the park, and also if there is availability, we can reach to the Statue’s crown as well.


Apart from the touristy favorites, our top notch place to visit is to the 5th Avenue. This place is a piece of heaven for us. It has all the high end brands in this Avenue. I love how all of these brands can be reached in a single place.



New York also has the most beautiful sky line. The gaze of the super tall buildings, the brilliant colors when they are lit up, the roof top lounges, the enthusiastic night life, is few of the many in NYC that attracts us.


New York City is not just full of buildings, it’s also home for the Coney Island. Yes, we have an Island in the New York City. This place is best reached via Metro if you are far away from this place. This place is filled with amusement park, graffiti walls, candy shops, popcorn shops, few hot dog stands, pretzels and popcorn shops. Spending a day here is totally worth it.



Along with all of these, New York is famous for its food. Right from 99 cents to the luxury $$$$ restaurants, this city has it all. This city also has the street food cars, selling those kebabs, falafels, pretzels and hotdogs among others.

We have innumerous favorites in this state, few being the below:

Our Favorites in New York : Under the Brooklyn bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, Lexington Street, Central Park, Highline, Coney Island, Little Italy, Grand Central terminal, One world Trade Center, 9/11 memorial, Madame Tussauds, Wall street and many more.

If you need details on any of the above places, drop a comment on the blog, I will write another blog on it.

Some more pictures below:


You, Be awesome today and every day!!!

Until, 3 of 51 states – Him and I 🙂



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