Traveling the USA in Style- 1 out of 51 – OHIO


Crossing the seven seas ( saath samnudar paar ), we were here in Columbus OHIO finally. Boy, how much had I waited to be here, with him in the United States of America. This was our first ever place to visit in the US. All those things cut short on how we moved and why we moved here, lets get on to the details of OHIO, what to visit, what not to visit( There’s NO thing like that), where to eat and where to drink ( am all smiles with this one).

As soon as we got into our accommodation, we had decided that we are trying different cuisines every single day for 15 days. Coz, why not! We have come here, this far, away from home and our loved ones, of course to survive while having fun. So, I was little skeptical on putting on weight and all those, but he convinced me to know what our priorities were.

As I have mentioned it umpteenth time, he loves travelling and cameras and I love good clothes and being in front of the camera. So, we decided on travelling to the nooks and corner in style. And we “Travel in Style”. And here comes it, 1 out of the 51th states of the USA.

Columbus – This city in OHIO is the capital city, and it has all the must haves in the city, from the Capitol / statehouse to museums, metro parks to the science center, amazing night clubs to the old city vibe kinda corners, theaters to arenas.


For a new bie in town, the best thing to do in the city is take a stroll in the downtown area, for it has a nice riverfront walk, where in they have many nice coffee shops, good restaurants, a place where you can sit/swing and relax and call it a day off. The downtown also has nice theaters, if you are in a mood for any concert or any play. If you don’t want to walk around for its tough to keep walking all day, Columbus offers you with this amazing concept as C-BUS. This is a hop-on, hop-off bus, where in it takes you in and around the downtown, North High street, German Village areas for free. πŸ™‚

German Village is another amazing place to hang around, it has these cute lil, instagram worthy coffee shops, local boutiques and amazing food corners. Also, it has the German Vibe in here, is definitely pinterest worthy. In the city, we also do have a science museum and is quiet famous, which is named COSI. It is great for kids, and for adults if you are into science and stuffs.

All things are in downtown area and they have some mind boggling restaurants, how do I begin! There are restuarants in the center of the city, which are very famous for the view and bar. Also, the North High street offers some great restaurant which are on the stylish side and are definitely worth it <3.

The city offers some amazing neighborhood, and also has few good breweries. If you are not into food, and downtown you can visit few falls that run within and near the city. Also, we have a quiet number of good parks, which are worth capturing in our memories or may be in phone πŸ™‚


We both started visiting nearby cities just in a week’s time and we have visited all the major cities Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Put in Bay, etc.

Cleveland(Formally Lebron’s arena) is a beautiful place in its own. If you want some good Indian chats, try the chats in Cleveland, they are so good in there. Also, Cleveland has this beautiful lakefront that is worth visiting every other day. Lake Erie is beautiful here, the most beautiful time to visit is during any summer sunset. Oh man, what beauty that is. That soothing feel when we visit here is something unexplainable.


Also, Cleveland runs ferries on this lakefront. A good 45 min to 1 hour ferry is a must try when you are here. That almost cruise feeling is something to live for. πŸ˜€ Well, all of this is a luxury back home. At the end of the day, it feels worth.


Cincinnati – This place has some great culinary cuisines, which are worth with a glass of vine. This is a place of some great museums, botanical gardens and it has the state’s famous Zoo. It is the second-oldest zoo in the United States. A relaxing weekend is for sure when you visit here from other cities of Ohio.


Dayton (A city of aviation) – This is a famous place that almost everybody is aware, here in the US. For it has the Air Force National museum and is the official museum of the United States. It’s better if you visit this place with a prior knowledge on the US Air Force, and its related things. Else, it’s very easy to get lost here not knowing what exactly to see, and what exactly to note. This place is a must visit I would say if you are into History, or would like to learn the history.

Also, Dayton is a 2 hour drive from Columbus, reachable via Taxis, Buses and Flights.


Last but not the least; when it comes to OHIO, β€œPut-in Bay” tops the list. The cute vintage vibes there, the fancy restaurants, and the ferry ride from the shore to the island is fun on its own. We have lots of stuffs to do there, just get a ride in your own yacht, or go for some fun water sports, or just hang in around family n friends. Perfect getaway which is not that far for the locals.


This state has treated us in the best way possible and we both love it from Day 1. A decent place to live, love, explore.

BEST IN OHIO – Columbus Zoo, Put In Bay, Cleveland Ferry Ride and sunset in the Erie Lake, Rock n Roll Hall of fame museum, Dayton National Museum of Air force and Cincinnati downtown and the Zoo among many others

You, Be awesome today and every day!!!

Until, 2 of 51 states – Him and I πŸ™‚

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