VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask review

After a really long time, I have started liking one of the different brand’s product compared to the one I have been using since years. I usually prefer sticking to one brand for my face because I know how the products from the brands are. When VII O2M reached out to me for trying their eye mask, I thought about it for a while and then decided to give it a try. I recieved a pack of 6 eye masks from them in a neatly sealed box. The package of the eye masks is very organised, each pack is seperated via a thin membrane like compartment.


My 9 to 5 job requires me to be in front of computers, mobiles and iPads every single day. At the end of every night, my eyes are stressed out way too much than one can imagine. I always wanted to try/use a overnight eye soothing product but most of the ones in the market comes with a direction to not keep more than 30 minutes on the eyes. So, I was super happy and excited to try on this pack from VII code for my eyes especially when it read as “eye mask for all night” 🙂

The product I am writing today is about “VII O2M oxygen eye mask for all night”. It is announced as “Vee-Too”. Ain’t that sounds so cool? It did for me atleast. Its like saying “we too” :D.  It somehow felt for me, like they are adding that personal touch to the customers. 🙂


Each individual eye mask comes in a Aluminium bag and is very easy to use. Also, the description is given at the back on how to use them. After we are done with our facial cleansing, apply the 2 eye masks just below the lower eyelid and have a happy peaceful sleep. After trying the very first eye mask, the next morning my eyes felt super fresh. Without even the morning coffee, my eyes were looking super fresh and healthy. 😛

Well, I had 5 more masks with me to try on and I was already impressed with the product on the first trial and was convinced this is the product that I am going to use forever and the one which I am going to recommend to my friends too. ❤

Well, on how to use this product is, once we cut open the aluminum bag, there are 2 eye adhesive masks, just tear the outer light membrane and stick it under your eyes. Just do a small press and you are good to go till the next morning. Also, keep it under your eyes for not more than 8 hours. And there you have, a very fresh, happy, smiling eyes 🙂


A big thumbs up for this product and I am going to try out a lot of other products from VII code.

Why is this a better one in the market???

(a). VIIcode eye mask is an 8-hour overnight treatment, which is different from other sheet masks  –  An overnight treatment – the word “overnight” says it all. The ones that comes in the market tells the customer to not place it under eyes for more than 30 min.
(b). Gel-like material is the feature of the mask – It’s very easy to place it on the skin just a simple dab keeps it firm all night long. Since its sticks firmly on the skin, we can sleep without having to worry about them falling off, or leaving stains on the pillow

Get the product here: VII O2M all night Eye mask  and give your eyes a deserving treat.

You, be awesome today and every day!!!


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