Cherry Blossom

A Cherry Blossom is the flower of any of the several Japanese cherry trees, also called Sakura after the Japanese – I have googled this umpeenth number of times, still I continue to do every year for reasons unknown, around this season. I think I like reading about all that is Pink. For me, Pink is something that has positive vibes in it. When someone says Cherry blossom, I visualize pink fresh flowers everywhere around me as most of you all would do.

I happened to visit the infamous Chery Blossom National festival this year in Washington DC.


As I said, the event had kept me smile throughout. I was happy, living in the moment, capturing some images, just sitting and visualizing how fresh and lively everything is. It was heavenly. As most of you have witnessed this, or have been there, my words won’t be justifying the prettiness of the flowers.

Well, the weather was not that great, there were some snow flakes too, but that didn’t stop the happiness that the flowers had brought.

I had worn an one shoulder top from bebe, I chose to opt a blue shade as I wanted the cherry blossom color to give my top a contrast. I kept mylook simple by teaming that with a pair of skinny jeans from Holiser. I am happy how it turned out to be.

I chose to wear a pair of Red Stilettos, my current favorite from Steve Maddenand carried a silver toned hand bag from Armani Exchange. I teamed up with a rose gold pair of shades and wore a hand woven beanie. I was quite happy with how the ensemble turned out.


For the cherry on top, I caught the attention of the media folks from ABC7 DC. I think I was lucky enough that they saw me, they reached out to me after asking me if I could speak to them and if I was okay if they asked me some questions. I was super excited, zero nervousness ( I have no idea how), all smiles, all happy, and they asked a couple of questions like where am I from why am I here, what am I wearing ( 😀 ) and  how does the Cherry Blossom feel like. And last thing they asked me to do was pose while Prashant snapped few pictures and they shot that sequence in their camera. I was literally flying high 🙂

I have just posted 1 pic from that scene as I didn’t want to bombard this blog with more pics.

Ain’t that cool? 😛


Well, we took a lot many pictures that day, few are here, down below.


After this we went to witness the firework that day at the Wharf. They had some great Firework show that night.

We drank, munched some mouth watering street side sea food, relaxed the night away, only to witness the Cherry Blossom again the next day, AGAIN. 🙂


Till I come back with my next post on the 2nd day of the Cherry Blossom,

You, Be awesome today and every day!!!

What I Wore and What He Wore…

Top: bebe

Jeans: Holister

Stiletto: Steve Madden

HandBag: Armani Exchange

Prashant’s Jacket: Ferrari

Prashant’s Scarf: Micheal Kors

Prashant’s Jeans: Fitch


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