A throwback to Alaska – Part 1

Our best ever holiday till date is undoubtedly this “Heaven on Earth” place (or so I like to call) ALASKA. I had been reluctant to pen my experience down about this beautiful place as I always believed I wouldn’t be making any remote justice to what it’s actually like. But yeah, I knew someday I would write it up here, on my most soothing place, my “AllWeDoETC”. I will try to capture every bit of what we experienced while we were there, what we witnessed, what we went through and what we would continue to cherish forever.

I am just back from my non-stop 48hrs trip to Arizona and Texas (that would be blogged soon) and I got my hands a cup of chai and Prashant’s Laptop. I have my Mac and I dont want to use it today, IDK why, may be just my mood. Am I tired? mmm.. yeah I guess, that’s why I am penning my most beautiful experiences today. It’s 1.00 AM now on 2/4/2018. You know what,it’s snowing here in Columbus 🙂

Well, with that deviation there,let me tell you the Alaska blog would be blogged in parts, I dont know how many though.

Prashant and I had been discussing of visiting Alaska from the very first ever since we came to the US. But, the talks were always like, we would visit Alaska one day, some day, and the plan never happened. I mean, we never sat and really thought about it on a serious note. Last year(2017), in the month of Jan, we decided that we would be visiting Alaska in 2017 come what may. This was the initial serious discussion that ever happenend about it.

And we knew Alaska cannot be made as an impromptu trip for the first time visit. Now we know, we can do a couple of impromptu trips to that beauty.

So, our discussions began of what to prioritze. By that I mean, what is the priortiy thing that we wanted to do in Alaska. What does that mean, you ask?? I have the answer here. Alaska, is a place which needs to be visited on every season for it gives something new and unique in its every season. You name it, you have it there in Alaska.

We started listing down what can be done on various seasons. We wanted to do a rail journey from Fairbanks to Denali and we knew it wouldn’ happen in winter. We wanted to watch the Northern Lights and spend the night, wanted to do Dog sledding, wanted to hike the gigantic glacier but we were disappointed to learn that it wouldn’ be seen or can be done in the months of June or August. So, what next. We had to prortize our wishlist. Why am I saying priortizing wishlist than cutting down the wishlist?? 🙂 we are planning to do everything in couple of trips in the coming years. ❤

So Yeah, we chose the “Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis”, the Dog Sled, the glacier hike over the rail journey for 2017. Why?? Because.. this was something that was the first time for both of us, this was my dream ever since I have heard about this ( may be I was 10 or 11 then, when I had learnt about Aurora Borealis). I always thought or I always told myself that this is something imaginary and no such thing existed when I was 10(or 11).. As I grew up, this thing had subsided my imaginations completely. But when I was kinda active on social media, I knew it happened only in Alaska in the US. Guess what, same was with Prashant too. All that self consoling that I had done that it was just imagination and not for real was just mine. 😛 Prashant knew most about it already. But yeah, it was his priority too when it came to choose between options to do in the mind blowing Alaska.

Okay now.. when to go.. We both decided that we are taking a week off during Christmas. Wow, Holidays yaa, you say????? NAAAAAAAHHHHH..

Holdiay season it is in Alaska too. Most of the things are closed then. Whaaaaaat!!!! How are we even making it. God.. what are we doing this christmas holiday, I screamed, I whined and dayyuuummm, I was upset. Prashant and I had to come up with a different plan for the holidays of 1 week. But then, where else do we want to go. No idea we had.:( We were stuck with a week full of holidays and had no plans to execute.

Prashant is the calmest person I have ever seen. The amount of patience, the amount of maturity he shows when things go out of control is commendable. My dad often keeps telling everybody that I have made some great work in my previous incarnations for me to have gotten married to him ( cliche, but true 🙂 ).. Why am I boasting about Prashant here??? I have the answer to that too. Well, days continued where I spent my evenings whining about what are we gonna do for 1 entire week. And Prashant kept silent all these while, and little did I know that he was working on the plan. 🙂
Ain’t he the best? ❤

He usually has his book and his favourite pen which he uses and keeps scribbing. He had made a Plan A, a Plan B, a Plan C and a Plan D to execute. He had the best permutations n combinations of all things that we could do for 2017 Christmas.

We keep going for dinner dates, we try n make every meal special but yeah, we also go on dates. One such evening after work, he asked me to get ready and we went out to a neat place “Bonefish Grill” ( I love their shrimp) and he gave me a card wrapped very neatly. And I open it, with a jaw dropping expression, I am seeing the plan written and finalized. What more could I ask for? That entire night, we kept talking about Alaska, Alaska and Alaska.

We spent nights, weekends searching the best route for us. The tickets from Ohio to Alaska are pretty expensive through out the year, whether you plan in advance or near to the trip. It’s expensive. We finally got the tickets booked. We had to fly witin cities in Alaska too. We got everything booked( I will provide the details in my upcoming parts).

FInally the day had come for us to pack. We were prepared, yet scared about the cold that Alaska had to offer us. We bought every gear that one can imagine. For a thick skinned folks from South Asia, bearing Alaskan cold is something unimaginable. Well, we had to do this one day. So, we got gloves, mittens, socks, more socks, jackets, hats, cottons, shoes from the most expensive brands – we had everything. Not to forget toe and hand warmers, we had extra batteries for our cameras, huh what not..

The flight lands, we are in the airport, everything looks surreal. The airports are too cute there. It’s nothing like what we have in the other states of the US.
I look out of the window, it seems like its snowing like it would snow elsewhere in the US too. I keep my one foot outside the gate, and boy!!! The cold almost blew me off. It was unbearable. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it at all. I was unable to breathe. Panic attack in my mind, but didn’t want to spoil my enthusiasm too. So, kept telling myself, this is just little worse than Ohio.

Finally, we got ourselves moving and got inside the jeep to reach to our first Stay. And where had we come? To the NORTH POLE – the northern most part on the EARTH. All panic attacks were zero. We were beyond excited. And it was Christmas Eve. We were in the NORTH POLE on the CHRISTMAS DAY. It’s Santa Claus Home there. We were in Santa Claus’s Home.. Hahhaa.. That feeling.. ❤ The place was lit, everywhere we were seeing lights, candles, gifts , balloons, Santa hats, Socks.. Oh My God!!!

Some pictures from the Christmas Day in the NORTHERN MOST PART OF THE EARTH in SANTA CLAUS’S home… 🙂 ❤



Till, I write the next part 🙂

Be awesome today, and every day!!!

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