Wine n Dine kinda Mood

No harm in taking that little effort and dine n wine with your most favorite human at the home right? One such day is in today’s post.

Prashant and I love each other’s company a lot, words seem less to express how much we enjoy being with each other. We try and live every single day, every minute and every bit of our lives. That’s what makes the life worth it, right?  ❤

We go out a lot, a lot frequent than one can imagine. Also rarely, we try and be at home, do nothing, just cook our favorite meal together and watch some random movies and call it a day.

I like being at home wearing my shorts along with an oversized T (Prashant's T shirts always preferred over mine) at home. But this time I thought to make that little extra dress-up while we enjoyed our "we" time.

I chose to wear a breezy flow-y floral slip dress. Slip dresses are the best thing to wear when you want to be at your easiest self. I find them extremely comfortable and adds that extra chicness to the look. The one I am wearing here is kinda flared at the bottom and has pompoms at the finishing. Such an easy breezy dress. Few pictures from the night.



The night was so soothing, It was was such a bliss. A perfect dine and wine kinda night. ❤

You, be awesome today and every day!!!

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