Day in Bodycon

Why I started to write and post my love for fashion is something that I don’t know how to put it in words. I am always super happy and ready to be in front of camera, be it a mobile camera or a DSLR. Few days, I don’t even go back and see if my pictures came out well or not. I just keep taking them. Few days I get busy and don’t feel like writing about it even if its the best thing that I have worn till date. ( My excuse for not writing for a month now.  😦 )

After quite some time now, I am all in my pajamas at home, sitting on my couch, sipping my chai and also checking my official emails in between and thinking to pen this down. Daaayyyuumm, the last 1 month has been really hectic with almost no off on the weekends. Pheeeewww..

After all the whining I had to do, coming back to the topic, these days with the social media stuffs that has gone so deep in our lives, we all tend to keep checking for new stuffs, new trends, new colors in the market so very often. We tend to easily give in for all what the social media puts up. So many of us even end up following the trends that don’t even relate to us. The one that I am wearing today is ony of my favourite type of clothes from a very long time now. BODYCON.

Pictures, you ask?

There you go..


I am wearing a super chic bodycon number. What makes me happy about it is how it perfectly embodies my toned out body 😛 ..LOL NO 😀

The feel on the skin, the warmth that it gives when worn and to top it, of course how I feel confident when I wear that.

Here in this post, the bodycon has colored lipstick prints. Ain’t that look cool? I loved it when I first saw that. Since it had all the hippy colored lips imprinted, I chose to wear a darker shade on mine. And who writes the rules for dressing? According to me, dressing is very individualistic. I went ahead and paired it with a pair of super comfortable sneakers against the much-worn stilettos. Also, since I had to do a lot of walking around the city, I held on to the sneakers 😉

I ended up carrying a 3D Frenh fries bag with it, and kept my plain simple Ray Ban shade with the dress. Overall, happy about how it turned out to be 🙂 And, gyaan… Bodycon suits every body type, just make sure you accessorize it right or layer right.

You be awesome today and every day!!!

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