New Mexico Memoir

“More fun Journey” quoted full sleeved T shirt quite suited my visit to this beautiful place New Mexico. Not really known as one of the must visits in the USA, this place is really under rated. To us, New mexico was a treat. A beyond beautiful place to be. If you ask me, this place has to be visited by everyone. It’s something unique. I know we have many other states in the US, that has deserts, mountains and beaches, but this is one of its own.


We visited here on one of the long weekends in 2017. We have visited many other states after New Mexico. But even to this date, when I am penning this down, the memories, places, sequences unfold infront of my eyes sequence by sequence. Our stoppages at the gas stations, the local eateries, those mouhfull of cinnamon buns for deserts,  interactions with the locals and our visit to the National Parks here. Wow, it’s indeed worth multple visits.


The white sands national monument was in our Day 1 Plan. I was not that excited at first for I had been to many oher deserts earlier. As we left the National Park’s visitor center, the visual was something pure magical. I for a moment assumed it to be snow. It was that pure white everywhere. The sand dunes were immensely atractive. There were no absolute dirt that could have been seen by our naked eyes. They looked so pure. I had no words. As soon as I got out of my vehicle, I remember I started running towards them. I had become a kid in no time. We took loads of pictures of us, just to keep looking at them with a smile on our faces and to keep planning to visit New Mexico again soon.

Some pictures here 🙂


Be awesome today and everyday and visit New Mexico some day for the place is worth a visit!!!

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