That Beachy Ensemble!

We both love water bodies, be it beach, lakes, river side or ocean. We love all of em. They relaxes us, they keep us alive, motivates us and yet they soothes us. We love visiting any water bodies. So, when we plan for any vacation, if there is any water body, we always get super energized.

Well, this blog is about my outfit that I chose to wear to one of the most beautiful Maine. Maine is a must visit who visits US or is in the US. It’s the actual east coast of the United States. The beauty of the place is such a mesmerizing one that I won’t be able to make any justice even if I try describing it.


This place is comparatively cooler around the year. For a person like me, who has grown up in the warmer side of the globe find it a cooler place comparitively. When I visited this place, it was summer here, yet I wished I had a warmer. Well, luckily it was quite sunny during the noon and I was able to wear what I had planned to wear.


I love my sunnies. I chose a black rounded sunnies for the day. And I have a recent favorite top. It’s a bright mustard colored super ruffle top. And I would love to stress on that word super ruffle. Oh my god it’s so lovely and gives a very bollywood look, I can’t tell you how much dramatic I was feeling the entire day. 😀 No, really!!! And trust me on this, I am a huge huge fan of everything that is Bollywood.


I sported a high waist full length denim skirt with floral embroidery on both the sides. Of course the skirt added that much needed justification to my dramatic look. I was so so so happy in sporting these colors on me in the beautiful Maine. Well, it was easily one of my favorite trips. 🙂

YOU, be awesome today and every day!!!

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