My Happy Place

Happy place for me is something where I can be my best self. All of us usually have that one or multiple happy places, I have a couple of them too. Times Square is one of them. I usually don’t like overcrowded places but this one is an exception. Here you will find people any day any time. And in the peak hours, its even difficult to find space for yourself to stand still for a minute. Such is this place. And oh boy, how much I enjoy being in this place. I feel way too much freedom in the air when I am here. I feel lit, I feel fresh and till date I haven’t figured why.


I have been to this place umpteenth time and the joy in dressing up to this place never ever bores me. This time I wore a subtle pink dress and a contrasting yellow hand bag and a pair of boots. Well, dresses are easily my comfort dresses any given day. I love my dresses as much as I love my Jeans and T. Most of the times, I like to keep my hair open, even when its windy. I somehow Β like being too messy. πŸ™‚


YOU, be awesome today and everyday!!!Β 

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