A Happy Outfit

It is true that we all are moody at times. We all have that one thing that instantly boosts the mood every time we do that. I have a couple of them. And shopping tops the list for me. What’s better than owning a happy outfit.


Well, we all live in the era of emoticons. They are everywhere. We often tend to talk, send greetings, reply to friends with emoticons. It’s the thing now. We have emoticons for Β laugh, love, rejoice, you name it.Enlight475Enlight472

So when I was recently doing my shopping, I came across this beautiful satin dress. It was full of emoticons and yeah, happy emoticons. I loved it. This dress instantly was like an energy drink for me. I always try multiple dresses on me, then I select and I end up buying them. I have always enjoyed dresses on me. But this one was eye candy even on the hangers too. I usually don’t buy just by looking at the outfit. I make sure I try before I finalize my shopping. Well, that wasn’t the case for this one. It looked so pretty, that I wanted to buy it nonetheless. I was so determined on getting this one for me, I was not even bothered if they had the right size. Well, luckily they had.


Coming to this dress, the material is soooooo soft, you can imagine from my numbers of “oooo”s in the word “so”. Haha, It was that soft :D. And those cute emoticons on it. Ohhh emmm geee. I am sure we all have had such moments once every now and then. This was my recent one πŸ™‚


You, Be awesome today and every day!!! ❀

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