To Acadia National Park

This place is easily one of the beautiful places that I have seen till date. If you have been following me closely now, you know how much I love places that are related to water bodies. Maine is one such beautiful states in the USA. And luckily I happened to visit this place.


You know Maine was a place that was in my bucket list from long back. When I and Prashant wanted to holiday during the last days of summer, we both instantly chose this place. We knew this place was totally not meant for Winter. So, we started searching for flights, hotels, things to do and food to eat. And oh man, the place seemed overcrowded during the last summer days. May be many wanted to be here in this beauty just like us in summer. Our search began. When we plan a travel, a lot of stuffs goes into consideration. Well, I will talk about it some other time..



So, we finally got our flights booked. And while I was searching some restaurants, all the suggestions that we got was for the infamous SeaFood here. Lobsters to be specific. So, we had in mind what all we had to eat, what all we had to visit, and what all we want to wear. And the D day had come. We were pretty much excited as always. Prashant has always loved traveling. And I love traveling now. And then the trip happened. We got to do pretty much everything that we planned to do. To top it, we ended up tasting the Lobster ice cream there( well, that was not in our list at all). Prashant loved the ice cream, I tell you. 🙂



You, Be awesome today and every day!!!

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