That Smiley Face

I am in absolute awe of this oversized T shirt dress. Major reason being the smiley emoticon. Yellow is also one of my favorite colors these days. Its bright, peppy and its the new black for me. I chose this oversized Smiley T shirt dress to go to Virginia. Virginia is for lovers is apparently the state’s tagline. It indeed is. The mind-blowing scenic drive, the cool weather, awesome hills is truly for lovers.


I wore this oversized T shirt dress to visit one of the East US’s largest caverns located in the Shenandoah National Park. The Luray caverns is quite interesting, the glimpse itself narrates its history. Its formation, its discovery, its maintenance, the sounds produced by various rock formation inside is a bliss to watch. I will talk about it some other good day.



The dress I am wearing is a very comfortable one that allowed to freely go monkeying around. I chose a pair of sneakers to loaf around. I opted for a minimalistic make up as I knew it was scotching sunny that day. I finished the look by opting a Β black bejeweled bracelet, a wrist watch and a pair of super chic sunglasses( red lips eye glasses πŸ˜› ) and I was all set.


Be awesome today and every day!!!

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