Summer is Summing up

My favorite season of the year is summer undoubedtly for various reasons. The season is lively. You see people around you enjoying in the streets, out under the sun, enjoying most of the fest out, sipping their favorite drinks near the pool, hitting the beach are few of the reasons that I love this season. I almost dread the summer’s ending every year. The very thought of cold air all day long, for months and the snow is enough for me to go shop for more n more winter clothes.. I know it looks and feels beautiful in its own way but since I am from India, I still haven’t gotten used to the cold and the snow here yet. So, summers are my favorite here.


Since summer is almost gone by ( I feel cold is in the air 🙂 already ) I wanted to blog about this outfit. Well, this is a no fancy one. I am wearing a pair of very basic but colorful leggings and I am pairing this with a crop top. Who says body hugging top and bottom does not go well. I have paired it here and I really like how it turned out to be. A very comfortable and a chic outfit to wear any given sunny day. It is no fuzz outfit, feels light and comfortable, can be worn for a coffee date, can be worn for a dinner outing by pairing it with a good stiletto, can also be worn to work just by adding a blazer or a formal kimono and a pair of right formal shoe.



Be awesome today and every day!!!

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