Babes do it better

“Babes do it better” – This quotation instantly got all my attention while I was out for just window shopping. This, I bought was of size XXL. I was straight away imagining of various ways to wear it. Buying an oversize top or a dress is one of those ideas which work out best for me. It just goes with everything all the time.  Also, there is always room for layering with the oversized ones. With such great fascination I had bought this, I chose this very simplistic way of wearing it for my first look with this T.



I did not go overboard for my first look with this. I just paired it with a very loose pom pom flared shorts. The shorts end slightly above the knees  which can always be adjusted to the length that one want to. The best part of the shorts are the cute pom pom tassels. They look so cute and gives that cutesy feel to the outfit. I am in love with these shorts lately. I have been wearing it almost everywhere.




I wore a pair of denim flats with this. And when I was letting my T flow as is, I just grabbed a very clashing belt with it. I wrapped my waist with this very contrary silver belt. At times, mismatching is everything that you want. As mentioned, I kept this first look with this “Babes do it better” T very minimal and chose to wear in and out through the day.




Be awesome today and every day!!! 

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