Ethnic Ecstasy

Saree / Sari is one of those Indian wear that is worn by girls/ ladies of all ages. I remember draping it in my childhood for some school functions. Growing up, I remember I used to watch my mum’s wardrobe and trying to analyze what color would look good on me. I had a huge love for colors, saris, its patterns, their draping styles, folding them( it never used to fit in my hands and I always used to end up messing them up), maintaining them, getting some tassels done for them, the blouse patterns, everything attracted me. I even enjoyed draping friends, helping my mum getting it draped properly at times.


Most of my friends used to find it extremely tedious draping it. But since I had this huge curiosity in the clothing, I always maintained somehow to drape it myself. Over the days, I mastered its art. Growing up, I also learnt the variety of saris available in the market. I still keep on discovering to this day that there is still more to it. The designs, the patterns, the style never ceases to end.


Most of the ladies in South Asia loves sari and wear it in unbelievable different patterns. It is the most primary dress for ladies in South Asia too.
Draping sari needs a little bit practice for the starters. But when draped properly, it gives a very elegant and a pleasant look. One can choose to go Bold too. Sari draping is extreme, from cute to beautiful, from sweet to bold too.


In my today’s blog, I am wearing a very beautiful cotton silk sari. This is a Bengali transitional Sari from my collections. I took just 3 to 4 minutes draping it. I choose to get a full sleeved backless choli (blouse) done for this beautiful masterpiece. It looks heavy, but its extremely light weight. I choose to let my pallu flow to show off the gorgeousness of it. Since I chose this Bengali sari, I chose my makeup suit it(Go completely Bengali). I wore a big bindi, I chose Gold jewelry for this. And I also got my smokey eyes done. I simply let me hair flow like my pallu. I painted my nails maroon, got my lips done with a bright red hue. I totally loved how it turned out to be.


I just got this overall look in some 20 minutes. And I was all set. Do take a look 🙂

Be awesome today and every day!!!

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