An Impromptu Visit to the Salt Lake City, Utah

It was a Friday night. We both headed home from work, connected from home, worked for quite some time and eventually got bored. It was around 2 AM, I started looking for some lounges to hang out. Most of the nearby places closes at 3 AM. We were too bored to stay at home that day. And then what hits Prashant mind was to get out and head to the airport. Well, I played along. I was thrilled by that thought. It’s not like we haven’t done this before, but I was equally thrilled and excited this time too. We were not really sure of anything that day. We were thinking at max, we might take a flight to the New York City. Little did I know we had an adventure lined up for us.

Well, we go to the airport that day. The airport had hardly anybody apart from the officers and of course the airlines authorities. It was turning around 4 AM. We were wide awake then too. I was trying to google places. He was trying to look for the flights. I was bored after a while googling stuffs. I left everything for him to decide. And then he says Salt Lake City. Lets go to Salt Lake City. I was shocked but got super electrified hearing that. Well, we have been to Utah before. Utah is a beautiful place to visit. I would go there anyway any time.

And then we got the flight tickets and we dozed off in the flight. We reached Phoenix as the flight had a small stop there. I woke up for a minute or two, saw him sleeping like a baby, and I fell asleep too. I had no idea of what to be done next after reaching Utah.

Finally we reach Utah. It was burning hot. The scotching sun was hitting right on my head making us head to a nearby Starbucks. While sipping that refreshing Chai Latte, we came to a decision that we would visit some famous tourist attractions in the city, eat some good food, get a place to halt and leave back to our home. Well, we started our journey to my favorite place( beach or any water body) to the Salt City Lake. And, and and it was one hell of a trip.

A sneak peak of few of the places in the city.


Be awesome today and every day!!!

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