Florals Forever

Florals go well for all seasons. It never looses its rage throughout the year. Florals evolve in the form of new fashion mania every single year. This year florals are everywhere in the form of embroidery. When you have this common trend bloom every single year, it’s always wise to invest in some nice designer outfits which has florals. It never goes out of style. And when the quality is right, that can be used forever and can be matched with anything and everything.
I do have few collections of floral pieces in the form of dress, sari, gowns, pants, shorts and even jackets.


Today, in this blog, I am waring a very basic floral dress. Why I chose this from the rest in the outlet was, this has another thing that is trending currently. The sleeves of my dress is lil flared and is a 3/4th flared sleeved, V-neck basic floral dress.


My dress looks very neat when worn. It feels very soft on the skin as it has a very satin like inner lining on the dress. The florals are a combination of pink and yellow hue. It is a very summary dress as it is light, easy going and very comfortable on the skin.


I have paired it with a pair of rounded sun glasses. I usually don’t miss my wrist watch when I am out. I chose a white wrist watch with this outfit. As I was planning on going boating, I chose a very good looking denim sandals. Yes, the sandals are denim sandals. Denim is another trend that is doing rounds everywhere now. So, yeah this was my look for today’s blog.


I loved wearing it around the city very comfortably.



Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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