Florida’s Key

I am an all-time beach person. I love hitting it to the beach and having a gala time whenever I get a chance. Not just this, I also enjoy sitting at a corner, watching those waves going to and fro, birds flying up above the sea level, the sea hitting the rocks, sun rise and the sunset. All these gives me immense happiness and calmness always. So, having said all these, Florida is one of my most favorite places in the USA. I have been to Florida’s one of the best places “Keywest”. This blog is dedicated to those one such beautiful Keys that the USA has got.

Keywest is a royalty, its heavenly, its charismatic, it keeps you spell bound when you visit the place. I was traveling by road from Miami to keywest and trust me, that was one of my best road trips till date. Its ethereal. The drive is so soothing that one would start craving for more. If you are planning on traveling, its best to drive during the days instead of the nights. You will totally understand what I am trying to say here. The drive way from Miami to Keywest is dreamlike. You see ocean towards your left and right, you just can’t stop yourself from being lost. I was so immersed in the journey that I did not even take a single snap while on my road journey to the Keywest.

Well, once we reached, it was almost 9PM, the local time. Prashant had booked a nice homestay  which looked very beautiful from outside. It had a very filmy exteriors. There was a big swing which was all covered by flowers and there was a huge beautiful carpet to welcome us. As and when I entered, there were chocolates and roses kept inside our room and it felt very very very good. Lovely ambience, lovely room, lovely gesture blew me off completely.

Well, we rested for a while. And then we headed out to take a glimpse of the nightlife of the Keywest. There are real cool hippie styled bars in the key west. You get all kinds of music from romantic to the rock, from soothing to the hipster kind. There were hookah places which was open and crowded like there was no tomorrow. There were people enjoying with their loved ones in the streets. There were youngsters to middle aged; from friends to elderly couples enjoying the streets of key west in the night.

The night plunged within minutes. We had no idea how the time went passing by. (Time really flies with your loved ones- true always). The next morning, very early morning around 5.30 AM, the local time, we were in major search for a Starbucks to freshen up.( We both are a Chai person- In the US, as per me only Starbucks has the best Indian Chai). We walked a bit and sipped those mouth watering, mind freshening chai and then we headed to one of the famous places, the most visited spot by the tourists – The Southernmost point.



The Southernmost point – We saw the sun raising here. It was a very beautiful start for our day. We spent some time here, clicked some pictures and we headed to another famous tourist spot – 0 Mile. 0 Mile – The place where US ends. 🙂 Isn’t that amazing to be here? That feeling.. whoa!


We planned to come back to our Homestay. While we were entering our Homestay, i noticed that place looked even more gorgeous in the mornings than in the nights. The stay home was painted in purple and it was decorated with flowers. I was loving the fact that Prashant had booked that place for us. That feel is very… ummm, I am out of words. I  just can’t express how much loved I felt.

After spending some time there in the house, we had some continental breakfast there and got ready and started exploring the city. The days here are very pretty, neat and beautiful . We went on a small cruise, came back, rested that night there in the city.



I swear we did not want to come back from this heavenly place.

Some more pictures from our Visit to the Keywest.



Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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