Wonderful Wyoming

Traveling has become my favourite thing now, along with shopping ofcourse. It keeps me motivated,full of life every single day. Once I am back from the trip, the memories of the last trip keeps me alive till I plan for the next trip. Even though I have travelled a lot in life, my bucket list of exploring places just keeps increasing day by day. I also try and make sure I travel in style always. 🙂 Somehow, getting ready never bores me.


On a one such recent trip to Wyoming, I spent a good 4 days there in the state. Happened to roam around the state’s cities day and night aimlessly. Shopped in the local shops, ate some great culinary local food, partied somewhere in the local pubs. It was indeed fun. Each time every new place gives me a life full of memorable treasures.


During my visit, I did visit the most beautiful two National Parks of the state: Grand Teton National Park and Yosemite National Park. These places are a must see if you are into Nature. To begin with, The Grand Teton National Park is an exquisite, eye cooling, beautiful National Park I have ever seen. The mountain view next to the Grand Teton Lake is just mind blowing. I sat there idly for almost an hour without talking, just experiencing that beauty. I was actually seeing the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen in life. It was that amazing. I can just write on and on and on about the beautiful Grand Teton National Park.


As I have mentioned earlier, I give attention to what I wear to where every single time. Here in this park, the temperature was not too hot, not too cold. So, I choose to wear this denim slit dress. (Since Denim is currently on top of the game, I choose a Denim Slit dress, instead of any other Slit dress). I also wore a denim short to get a Denim on Denim look for my visit.


Since I knew it was windy that day, I took along with me the cute two eyed Monkey cap.I wore a transparent glass to keep it chic. I also put a red velvet choker to get a pinch of uniqueness to the look. I chose to simply go with a pair of sneakers and not fancy sandals as I was aware that I had to do a lot of walking in the Park. I also wore a tiny cute wrist watch from Marc Jacobs and I was good to go.


After this Park, I continued my journey towards the most famous Yosemtie National Park on the next day. That was planned on my Day 2 of the trip. I will talk about it on my next travel blog.

You, Be awesome today and every day!!!

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