Print on Print Panache

Print on print can go very well when paired it right. I am pairing an off shoulder top with a hot pant in my blog post today. I have chosen two contrary prints here.


Well, coming to the details of my outfit, the off shoulder top has the animal print detailing on it. The off shoulders are usually very comfortable to wear. They add a lot of suaveness to any dress or a top any given day. If you don’t want to flaunt your arms, just put a denim shirt on it and you will be good to go. The one I am wearing here fits me just right, not too loose; not too tight.


The hot pants I am wearing here are a very cute ones. The print on it is too delightful. The boldness of the off shoulder top is calmed down by this cute darling prints on my hot pants. Very comfortable to wear. The elastic on them makes the fitting just perfect.


I went with a very minimalistic look with no accessories at all. I am wearing one of my favorite  eye shades and a bright pink tote. Grabbed a pair of checked sneakers to complete my look.


Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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