50’s Operandi

I like keeping up with the latest trends but I also enjoy wearing the retro style at times. 50’s was an era that had marked a major return of fashion. One such look is on my today’s post.
I did not buy any specific clothing to get this look here. It’s the same set of clothes that I regularly use but tried wearing it little differently.


I am a huge fan of high waisted trousers. The one I am wearing here is from Forever 21. The cute button designs on it makes it look super cute and retro-ish. I am wearing a semi formal shirt from H&M. The minute polka dots on it has very chic vibes. I have tied my shirt here to make it look like a bow.



The scarf… The scarf was one of the must accessories then. So, to achieve any retro look, make sure to not forget a beautiful scarf. I have just tied a mustard colored scarf around my hair to achieve that look of 50’s. I am wearing a pair of vintage boots with my outfit.



And all I carried was a bright hued gorgeous Tote bag and I was good to go.


You, Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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