Stylishly Basic

I want to stress again on the fact that basic dressing need not be boring. Basics stand out when the colors chosen are just right. I am biased towards white and black hues mostly when it comes to basics. This time, I wanted to just come out of it and choose a different color instead. So, I chose a red T to go with my blue jeans.


We all know that patchy jeans are so in these days. I am wearing a super skinny patchy jeans on my post today. It has the right amount of patches on it. Evident patches near my knee and thigh and slightly patches near the waist. This patchy work gives a cool vibe along with comfort. It’s even ripped slightly just above the patches. This is just perfect for those who want to avoid showing their skin by wearing a pair of super stylish super ripped jeans.


I paired it with a basic yet not so basic T. Why basic: It’s just a regular Red T with the quote “Heartbreak Highway”. Why Not so Basic: It’s an almost crop top, but not a body hugging one. The top feels so soft on the skin and the crop just adds some extra chic vibe to it.


My all time favourite footwear when I have to walk around a lot is a good pair of sneakers. I have almost all hues of sneakers with me. I am pairing this look with a grey-ish sneakers from ALDO. They are just right. You can also choose to wear a good white pair of sneakers with the blue and red combo.


I just have 2 accessories to complete my look today. A sleek wrist watch from MARC JACOBS and a 2 hued sunglass.



And as I always say…

Be awesome today and everyday!!!


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