Flared Frock

The title might seem a little underage but come on, all of us like wearing a frock. Frocks does not limit to the cute ones and come in a wide variety of range. See, this is what interests me about Fashion. You can wear anything and everything you want at every single stage of your life. Fashion is such a positive mindset and it does not limit to any particular body type or age. Everybody can enjoy fashion by embracing their age and/or their body types. No, I am not trying to preach anything on my blog today, the above one was just a random thought that triggered my mind while I was penning down this.


Well, this post is result of an yet another unplanned shoot. This one was shot just before we left for a dinner. I was really working on my looks to go with this dress and I was taking a little longer than usual to decide on this. While I was still getting ready, Prashant was waiting for me and was I guess bored and started taking pictures of mine. Since I love being in front of the shutter, I happily played along. 🙂


This dress is a beautiful knee length flared frock. The detailing on the dress is so cute to not wear it. There are multiple highlights to this dress. The major one being the red bow towards my rib. That lil belt like detail adds so much spark to the entire look. The dress is a little deep neck one. So, the right lingerie or a no lingerie is a must for this. Below the red belt, the grey colored tulle wrap makes it look so chic and elegant at the same time. I paired it up with a Choker and a pair of black heels.


Not too many would prefer frocks. But trust me, frocks are just not limited to the cute kids. All of us would look great wearing a frock and choosing a right one is all it takes.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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