While in Atlanta

If at all you know a bit about me, you know that I and Prashant quite enjoy traveling. We enjoy every bit of it, right from booking flights, hotels, deciding what to pack, packing stuffs, unpacking unwanted stuffs that we have stuffed before, making sure camera is placed, double checking the phone chargers and making sure we have all the extra medications like band aids and stuffs. Traveling seems to be a festival for us. No matter how many times we visit a place, every single time seems to be equally exciting, equally electrifying.

Having said all that, this time we chose to visit this famous place called “Atlanta”. Most of you will be already knowing about Atlanta or might have already visited this place. Do take your time and take this journey with me; as seen via our way.


Atlanta is famous for so many historic reasons along with its infamous attractions such as CNN head quarters, Coca Cola world, Sky view Atlanta and the most beautiful Georgia Aquarium.

We flew to this place early in the morning and we were deciding on which attraction to begin with. We had in mind that we would get to taste a variety of Cokes from across the globe. So we did not want to skip our breakfast nor our lunch.

We began our day by visiting the CNN headquarters. I was just stunned to see how difficult it is to convey any news to the audience. Everything should be so fast, crisp and accurate and it has to be conveyed to the audience in such a way that the news has to be reached on time. Everything needs to be instant. Lights, camera, sound, reading the news and publishing. Whoa, that’s some task! The CNN headquarters has some cool eateries too. And it has flags of all the countries flying inside the building. Also, the escalator inside it!!! OMG, its apparently the world’s longest escalator. Isn’t that awesome? Just a sneak peak of the CNN below :


We were trying to interview each other here 😛


So, after this we left for the Coke World. At the entrance, we got welcomed with a welcome drink. We were given a choice to chose any coke and grab a bottle for ourselves.  As and when we entered this world, we were shown how coke was invented. It was indeed a fun session. The narrator was super friendly there. We further moved to a place where in the recipe of the Coke is kept. It’s a Vault where in the secret is kept locked and maintained for years. How inspiring that is!!!



You know, there are coke bottles displayed everywhere in this world. Coke quotes till date, coke designs across the globe and much more. There is a huge teddy bear inside this world too. Its so cute, that nobody can come out without taking a snap with it.


And as and when we moved further inside, we got to taste all varieties of coke and coke products that’s available across the globe. I enjoyed tasting most of them.


We came out happily with stomach full of coke and went on to visit this Georgia Aquarium. This place is again a different world of its own kind. I just can’t describe in words how beautiful this place is organized. One should see it to believe it.


Finally we reached to Centennial Park to get a glimpse of Skyview Atlanta.


So yeah, this is how we enjoyed visiting every bit of visiting Atlanta. Do visit Atlanta yourself to feel it yourself.

||What I wore||

Denim Romper from Tommy Hilfiger

Sneakers from Forever 21

BagPack from Forever 21

||What Prashant Wore||

T shirt from abercrombie and fitch

Hoodie Jacket from Express Men

Shoes from Nike

Half Trousers from American Eagle

Watch from Tommy Hilfiger

Be awesome today and every day!!!

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