Metallic Pink

I love every fashion item that comes in the form of Pink starting from dresses to pants, skirts to shorts, nail to hair color, bags to shoes. I can just go on and on. You name anything that’s pink, I instantly fall for it. Pink is a shade that goes well in all the seasons.

The hue Pink comes in a large variety. From the darkest Pink to the baby pink. Choosing the right hue is one of the major challeneges for most of us. I usually pair Pink with the complete opposite shade to not go overboard. I love wearing Pink for almost all occasions but would never ever wear an all Pink anything. I will always make an attempt to mix it with other color to make it look subtle.

So, yeah coming to my blog for today, I had been to a Park recently wearing a Metallic Pink Shorts( See I told you, I can wear Pink anywhere 🙂 ). I paired it with a white tank top and a wedge( I do not always prefer shoes for the park 😀 ). And my wrist watch is one of my recent collections from Ferrari. ( I am a huge fan of brands 🙂 )


Some more clicks from my visit to the Park. So, Do you like Pink too?


The tank top is so cool, I wanted to show it off 😀 big time.


Be awesome today and every day!!!





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