Love n Culottes

Culottes fashion dates back to years ago. It’s not a new introduction to the industry but has evolved so much that we have been seeing them in so many varieties. And one such culotte variety is the “Jumpsuit Culottes”.

The jumpsuit itself screams liberty.  Sometimes, it gets very tedious deciding on the clothes for the day. At such time, jumpsuits work out like a miracle. No fuss, No drama, just grab 1, wear and you are all set. And when such amazing piece of cloth is a culotte, what more you can ask for.

I am wearing one such jumpsuit culotte here, pairing it with a cotton shirt which is embodied with “Loves”. Also, my eye shade is an epitome of “Love”. Hence the name – “Love n Culottes”.






Be awesome today and every day!!!

||What am I wearing||

Culotte Jumpsuit – Forever 21

Cotton Shirt – Old Navy

Wedges – Charlotte Russe

Eye Shade – Charlotte Russe

Watch – Kenneth Cole

Handbag – Street shop in NYC


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