That 70’s Vibe

As I have said before, I have always been in awe of fashion right from my childhood. As a late 80’s kid, while growing up, I used to watch all kinds of music videos where in I always loved the 70’s look. The ladies with blunt hair, huge pair of eye shades, the flared high waist pant and those dark shades of lips+nails and the infamous huge floral bands on hair was literally a dream world for me. The way they carried themselves when they had to go any public event or for a race course or even for an ethnic function had just blown my mind every single time. And as the 70’s fashion evolved, we had new trends coming in but let me tell you, my likings for these tiny things always remained intact.

This look in my blog post today is one of those 70’s look that is one of my favorites since then. I am sure I will continue liking this even after a lot many years. So yeah, having said that, the trend I am talking here is none other than the Polka dots trend. The polka dots then was such a huge hit, it had come in all kinds from dresses to shirts, from skirts to pants. Even now in movies, polka dotted any dress is used to get that Vintage look. And 🙂 I love everything that is vintage.

So, coming to my looks for today, I have chosen a Black and White Polka dotted A-line dress to get this 70’s vibe.

Things to remember to achieve any 70’s look:

  1. Hair – Either use a Huge hat or curl your hair up
  2. Nail and Lip – Bright hues, either a orange pop or a magenta
  3. Eyes – Don’t forget your mascara for the dramatic look and a huge round shades
  4. Ears – Dramatic earrings


I am wearing a matching huge hat and have my hair let open here. I chose a rounded ball droppings for my ears. You know, as I have mentioned above, “bright hues” is mandatory to achieve the 70’s look. Here I have put on a orange nail color and chose a pink-ish lip stain.

Since I have chosen this all black look, i decided to grab this bright yellow clutch. As I have said before, huge florals was a big thing then. So, the huge flowers on the clutch is totally giving me that 70’s feel by adding a lil more pinch of color and life to my look. So, yeah if you are a fan of this 70’s vibe, keep in your mind the above points while dressing up. And I am sure you will definitely nail it.

Take a look at my look, yourself. ❤


Be awesome today and everyday!!!


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