“SUIT UP” is that infamous dialogue from the “How I met your mom” saga, which appropriately suits my today’s blog post. This blog post was a request from so many of my friends after they saw me in this on the show and/or after the show. Hence had to write this.


I and Prashant were planning for an Opera concert for the weekend and I was constantly surfing my wardrobe of what to wear for the show. I did not want to wear an evening gown for sure this time, as the gown is so typical for any Opera concert. But nothing else was coming up in my mind for one complete Hour. Finally, I ended up going through the gowns in my closet, when I overheard the word “suit” from a series that Prashant was watching.

I instantly left all the gowns lay down and literally jumped off the floor as if I had invented something really interesting. I had realized that I had a unique and beautiful striped Pant Suit from Bebe which I had bought some time back and never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere. And that was it. I dramatically rushed to Prashant, thanked him and started placing my gowns in their appropriate hangers and place. He looked clueless of what I was saying or doing and he chose to continue with his series. And that is how I came up with this Pantsuit look for the show.



After deciding to stick with the pantsuit, then came the tougher part. What to do with my hair and what footwear to choose. I knew I did not want to go for a stiletto or a wedge or any kind of heels. Then what next? I went for something different and chose a pair of white sneakers against my striped black pantsuit. And hell, it was a total bang on. I absolutely loved how the look came up in the end. I did a sleek look with a low ponytail and of course used my hairspray for the rescue.

And I wore a dark shade on my lips. And I chose a handbag matching to my lip color, went nude on my nails and completed my look.

So, here is my look that I chose to wear for the show and below are the brand details.


My look here was a pantSuit but I couldn’t find the exact pantsuit online, so I have tried my best to find a similar pair.

||What am I wearing||

Tried to find out similar items online so that you can shop easily.

Jacket:   bebe jacket 

Pant:      bebe pant

HandBag:  Coach

LipShade: Urban Decay

Shoe:   Charlotte Russe  

Be awesome today and everyday!!!


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