Patches n Basics

This was not a planned photoshoot session for the blog but when I and Prashant were just roaming around and he as usual was playing with his lens, I just posed and this blog happened. There are many days when I don’t like to doll up and choose something simpler and sober. This blog post’s photos were shot on one such day. Easy dressing is everyone’s set of mind at times. My personal choice of easy wearing like most of the girls out there is a pair of blue ripped jeans and a camisole top. So, yeah who says basic is boring. Basic can be made fun, quirky and cool too.

One such thing that adds some cuteness to the basic look is the “patches or stickers” that has been quite a buzz in fashion in the recent days. We all love emoticons, don’t we? We use it everywhere nowadays, from office communicators to texts to WhatsApp to Insta. And trust me, I can’t sustain without the emoticons. Its such a life savior some times. 😀 Having said that, these emoticons have invaded the fashion industry too. We have been getting some cute, crazy emoticon stickers in the markets which can be glued to the clothes without damaging the clothes. When you have an emoticon of your choice, you get a choice of wearing them on dresses based on how you want or how your mood swings want. 😛

Well, the one I am wearing today here is a military green colored light weight overcoat which already had loads of stickers on it. I bought it from the Macy’s some time ago. So, I have not done any alterations to my coat, just have worn as is. I must say with those stickies on the jacket, I did grab some eyeballs. Overall, a big shoutout to this huge trend in the market now. Totally obsessed with the stickers. I will soon be sporting some basics, altering them with the stickers available in the market.

Till then, take a look at this and get yourself some quirky stickers of your choice for your dresses. See, Basics are fun too. 🙂

P.S : The first picture here was not a pose, I was just talking to Prashant and he shot this. I kinda like this one 🙂



Be awesome today and every day!!!

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