Denim on Denim 1.0

Denim has gained so much popularity in the recent days that the fashion world is going gaga over it. Denim is just not a basic wear anymore. It has expanded to that extent, we are seeing even “Denim saree” doing the buzz in the fashion industry. Ain’t that cool?

Denim word in itself screams comfort. You can loaf around in denim, plan for an outing, hiking, hang out with your girl gang wearing them, flaunt your curves and what not. Denim is that one thing which can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. And when the trend is back with so many class of Denim, grab yourself some cool stuff from your favorite brands and have fun. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box and choose some unique outfit for you. (As I said, they are in soooo many categories!!!)

I personally love being in a comfort denim and a basic T all 7 days of the week. So, for me the denim trend is a bliss. When denim is doing its round all over the city, I have grabbed a whole lot of different denim outfits for myself from various different brands and collections. So, you will find me in all types of denim outfits in the upcoming days.

Coming to my denim look in today’s post, I am wearing a denim dress. Do not mistake denim to be always heavy jeans kind of material. Since it is a dress, it is not heavy to wear and it’s also flowy. It is a thin strapped dress, so choose your lingerie wisely. You might want to go bold and choose that extra bright strapped lingerie and give your look a twist.

So, as you all know I am residing in the East Coast of the US and even in the late April, it’s breezy and windy. So, I opted for this cute mini denim jacket to pair it with my dress. And guess what, it worked well. And at times, I wrapped the jacket around my waist too. I went ahead with this look for both outdoor and indoor.

I think this is TMI for my first “denim” trend post. Will come up with a new denim look very soon in my upcoming blogs. Till then, enjoy this denim trend and have fun flaunting them. And yeah, below is my this post’s look book 🙂


PS: Be awesome today and every day!!!


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