Pink for Spring

After a long time, I got to roam out in the sun without my winter jackets and boots. Since spring is officially ON, I tried pushing myself to wear something that screams out โ€œSpringโ€. Spring is a season of life and colors. Who else would do the justice for Spring than the shades of Pink?

I have had longed for quite some days to get rid of the winter dresses from my closet. The east coast of the US has real long winter days that, even layering gets boring. And yea, as I was saying I got to roam under some warm sun after a very long winter. So, I thought to wear something spring-y. All I knew was I wanted to wear something pink. After taking a dig at my closet, I chose this mini skirt which has some fine prints on it. The random designs that are printed on the skirt made me settle to it.

Well after I decided on the skirt, I was wondering what to pair it with. I was confused with an off shoulder ruffle top and this full sleeved floral top. Generally, when I try to choose among options, I usually imagine myself in all kinds of places that I am going to be there, wearing that. Since it was for just an hour outing, I went ahead with this full sleeved pink floral top. The top has pink flowers printed on it. The pink floral prints on the beige color are quite soothing. Well, I am going monochrome way too often for a while now. ๐Ÿ˜€


The cute little things on it, the prints, the flowers and that bow are too good to not notice.


Be awesome today and every day!!!

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