What’s in my Tote!!!


I got this big tote bag from The Body Shop when I bought a few products from them recently. If you have followed by previous beauty blog, then you would know how much I love The Body Shop. Today, I will walk you all through the products that I keep with me all the time.

I usually like being hydrated all the time. I believe being hydrated inside out is equally important. So, wherever  and whenever I go out, I always make sure I carry a lip balm and a hand n nail cream with me in my handbag. Along with these two, one will also find a lip stain, a highlighter and a eye make up remover with me all the time.


My Personal favourite among the lip balms is Born lippy lip balm stick. This one when applied gives a glossy kinda look, and is very hydrating.  Also, this one gives a plum shade to the lips. So, I don’t really need to use a lip color when I apply this plum lip balm. I try and use this plum balm when I don’t really want to go overboard with my lip hue.

Apart from the Plum lip balm, I like Coconut Lip Butter and Hemp heavy duty lip care. I use coconut lip butter when I want to apply a heavy lipstick. I just use a lip brush, take a small portion of the lip butter, evenly pat it and then apply any colored lip stick. This one keeps my lipstick always in place for hours and also does the justice to my lips. Since its coconut, its rich in moisture. It has a mild scent of coconut which refreshes my mood too.

And after party, when I remove the heavy lip colors, I usually like my lips to be nourished with Hemp heavy duty lip care. This, as the name suggests is a nourishing treatment to the extra dry lips. No fragrance at all in this lip balm and gives a plain glossy look. I also use this on my lips to give it a plain shiny look when I have my smoky eyes on to balance the entire face.

As I mentioned earlier, I also keep this Lip and Cheek Stain with me always. When I feel too dull, I put on a dab of this stain on either my cheeks or lips. Sometimes cheek as well as lips. This Lip and Cheek Stain comes with its own brush. In short, this is a 2 in 1 handy item.


The next two items which I keep with me always are, Camomile Eye Makeup remover and a Highlighter.

This Camomile Eye Makeup remover is very easy to use. Just a few drops on a piece of cotton and wipe it, the make up is gone. I always remove my eye make up with this before going for a cleanser for it keeps the area around my eyes always smooth and clean.

And the other item, I can not afford to miss is the Highlighter. The perfect basic makeup kit for a evening event or get together. When I am short of time, and can not get myself ready with the make up, I use only this highlighter and a lip stain.


Another item I can not spend my day without is my Hand n Nail Cream. Hands are usually forgotten or under treated as per me. The skin around the palm and fingers sags easily and needs extra care and nourishment. My mantra to it is any Hand n Nail cream from The Body Shop. I have a variety of them usually with me. All of the Hand n Nail products from The Body Shop are too nourishing, comes in different sizes too. I have few for home use, few for work place and the small tubes for travel purpose only. I have tried the below Hand n Nail creams from The Body Shop and all are wonderful. It’s too difficult to choose the best among them.

Hand n Nail Creams that I have used so far are:

  1. Satsuma Hand Cream
  2. HoneyMania Hand Cream
  3. Absinthe Hand Cream
  4. Hemp Hand Cream
  5. British Rose Hand Cream
  6. Almond Hand Cream
  7. Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream

Try these products from The Body Shop and see the magic yourself.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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