Visit to Utah’s first National Park


I have always been fascinated about rocks, mountains and hills. So, when we were planning for the national park in the West Coast of the USA, I was more than thrilled. We had decided to travel to Zion National Park. While flying all the way from east coast to west coast, I thought I will do some reading about the park. Apparently, I found its the Utah’s first National Park. This one sentence was more than enough to create the excitement in me. I did not read anything beyond this for I wanted to experience it visually and embrace it than just reading it.


We went from Las Vegas to Utah. Utah is a very beautiful place. Its different from all of the places that I have been so far. Its beyond imagination. It is serene. The entire place is either brown or green in color. I totally enjoyed my drive from Las Vegas to the Zion National Park. The entire state was giving me a vintage vibe. And for me, vintage is classy. I was seeing the houses, trees and shops through out my drive. It was very unique.

As and when we entered the Zion national park, there were not too many people. We had managed to reach the park around 11 AM local time. It was a pleasant weather, not too sunny. Before actually getting down to reach the mountains, we noticed a lot of caravans parked. I assume they had come for camping there. I was already planning for my next visit to this place with the idea of camping, for this time we were only doing sight seeing and not spending the night there.

When we actually got off, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was completely mesmerized with the beauty of it. I was frozen for a while watching the beautiful mountains. The colors, reddish brown, green and the beautiful blue sky was a treat to my eyes. IMG_0279

The mountains have their unique format. It looked like some designer has carved it so beautifully. We spent around 2 hours just sitting and watching all that we could.


While driving back to our hotel room, we came across the above beautiful tunnel. It’s the “Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel”. The journey inside the tunnel is one of its kind. We are not supposed to stop in between the tunnel. There are few window like openings in between. The light played a Hide and Seek with me till we crossed the tunnel.


We were also resting in between too, enjoying in our own way. We also got ourselves clicked. The emotions in the below picture is exactly how we felt visiting this place. Bliss!!!


Miles away, this place was a relaxing getaway for me. I would love to re visit this place again and again as much as I can and whenever I can.


Worth a visit.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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