My review on The Body Shop routine


I have been a constant customer of The Body Shop products. So, I completely know what products goes well for me. I am writing here only my opinion on few of the amazing products from The Body Shop. I am telling about the products that I have extensively used and do use them on daily basis.

I have a combination skin and hence I use Tea Tree products extensively. For my skin type, the Tea Tree Collection is the best.

I start my day with the “Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial wash”. I keep “Tea Tree oil” always with me. I use them only when I get acne on my face. I use the Tea Tree Oil optionally. It’s an oil but it’s no oily. And my daily care cream is also from the Tea Tree Collection. Its called “Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion”. This is a complete non grease lotion for real.

Before I apply my “Tea Tree Mattifying lotion”, I take only a few drops of product “Drops of Youth Concentrate” from the Drops of Youth collections, I apply all over my face and neck. Few tiny drops are more than enough for the entire morning routine. Then after when I evenly apply the daily lotion, I use another product from Drops of Youth collections which is called “Drops of Youth EYE CONCENTRATE”. The product explains in detail how to use this for the fine lines under the eye. And I also apply a Plum Lip Balm from theirย  Lip Balm collections. The lip balm’s color is so rich, I don’t really have to put on my lipstick on some days. It gives the wanted nourishment and gives me a great look.


I also do my night routine from the The Body Shop collections.


I have used Tea Tree Night cream and I must say, its the best night cream for my skin type. But recently, I got this “Nutriganics”, one of their new additions and guess what, its equally good. It nourishes, keeps my skin soft till the next morning. The best part is, its non greasy too. I follow almost the same routine. Cleaning my skin with the “Skin Clearing Facial Wash” followed by the “Drops of Youth” drops. Tea Tree oil is again optionally used by me. And I end up applying the “Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate” in the night too followed by my night cream. Yes, the Drops of Youth products can be used for your night routine too.

And these products are Unisex. It can be used by anybody whose skin type is either Combination or Oily. The products also come in tubes, so multiple people in the family can use the same products without even worrying about the hygiene. Big Big Big love to these products from The Body Shop. Totally love these.

And for my Vegan readers, these products are AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

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