When I decided to try the denim jumpsuit

I have always been a denim person, when it comes to jeans, shorts, 3/4th’s, all I first look for is denim as its so comfortable and easy going. But when it was about jumpsuits, i always have preferred something very light, something very loose and something very shorter than my ankle. I had always said “No” for the option of buying a denim jumpsuit.

This time when I was shopping in an H & M outlet, I came across this denim jumpsuit section. When I gave it a try, I couldn’t restrain from buying one for myself. My all perception of jumpsuits had gone into a toss. How it perfectly got into my skin, has made me to buy or opt more of denim jumpsuits lately.


The denim I am wearing hereΒ  is so soft, light weight and skinny. I chose a skinny jumpsuit, completely different from all of the jumpsuits or rompers that I have. The buckles are easy to use and holds on to its place. I did not have to worry about the buckles even once the entire day. Its skinny, but its not too tight to wear.


I chose a full sleeved white off shoulder for my look here. The off shoulder is white colored lace one. I love this piece of cloth from my wardrobe that fits into every kinda clothing. It goes with Jeans, shorts, skirts, under the jacket and even with the pajamas.


I paired it with one of my favorite colored stiletto from Charlotte Russe. Love the fact that the neon color adds a glam touch to my look.


For the above look, I choose to wear a eye shade of maroon and pink color combination.

Give yourself a try with a different variety of clothing that you have not tried all these days and see the magic work on you.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

2 thoughts on “When I decided to try the denim jumpsuit

  1. Oh yeah, it was once worn by different trades people. Now this kind of dresses are available in different varieties. πŸ™‚ denim, cotton, linen and what not.
    Thanks a lot πŸ™‚


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