Going monochrome with the shade of Blue

I am a very big fan of colors and colorful dressing. But once in a while, I go monochrome too. I am wearing blue here, head to toe. I am totally obsessed with the variety of shades the color blue offers. Right from the eyeliner to nail paint, blue is something really cool. Blue is something not my type of color, but I love what I am wearing here today. Do take a look and let me know if you would go blue on blue someday.


I am wearing a Pencil Skirt from H & M. Its much comfortable than I thought it would be to walk around. It has a small slit at the back to give a pinch of comfort. Its the darker version of the blue and little above my knee length.


I planned to pair my skirt with a light blue top. So, I chose this striped off the shoulder 3/4th sleeved top. I must say its gorgeous. It has fine stripes and that bow near my waist line is a add on. Its so artistic that, my look is completely given a chic shape. I bought this beautiful top from Sans Souci.

And I opted this blue handbag from Tignanello. It has such an elegant look to it, it keeps me craving for more shades from them. This handbag is a tote, also looks like a doctor handbag.


And my open foot wedges from Forever 21 also have zigzag stripes to them, giving a great combo to my striped top. And my eye shade from Esprit gave a finishing touch to my decision of going all blue.


Take a look at the all blue look, this spring.


3/4th sleeved off the shoulder striped top from Sans Souci

Pencil Skirt from H & M

Handbag from Tignanello

Footwear from Forever 21

Eye Shade from Esprit

Be awesome today and everyday!!!


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