How to go with Shirt on a Dress

I love how clothes can be mixed n matched and worn in a complete different avatar and make it seem like a all new. This is one of those look that I wore today. I choose really simple flow below the knee length dress for this kinda look.


The dress I am wearing here is a simple grey colored below the knee length cotton dress. Its very light and comfortable. It also has pink and yellow tiny flowers on it. Its a very basic cute little dress. I paired it with a 3/4th length cotton shirt. Its a blue colored one and hence giving a contrast to the grey colored dress. I also choose this blue colored shirt just to give a denim look to my outfit.


I also tried to tie the shirt on my waist and give a different look on the same day. Paired my look with a black colored sneakers. And a wrist watch.


Overall, light dress paired with a light shirt and a light sneaker is one of my favorites on any given day for the street style look.


Short Grey colored Shirt paired with A Cotton 3/4th Shirt

Sneakers from NIKE

Watch from Ed Hardy

Be awesome today and everyday!!!





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