I Love NYC for a reason


My Love for wandering in the New York city is too hard to cease.

The crowd, the hot fashion, the Times Square, the Subway and many many other things is enough for me to get lost in the city. I have been here a couple of times and there’s always something new, something refreshing about this place. My most favorite being the Times Square. I can sit on the stairs here for long hours and still don’t get bored. There are lot of things to not miss here. The hoardings, the moving lights, people engaging themselves in the clicks, awesome restaurants, so many brands to get yourself your choice of clothes, street shopping and what not. It’s also fun at times to watch people enjoying their time and relax. Phew, how much I love this city.

I spent quite some time here. What I choose to wear was a simple dress, and a flat to wear just to comfortably loaf around. I also had my man’s jacket for the evening. I just kept it on the shoulders to give myself a chic look.

Take a sneak peek. I am just lost amidst the stranger crowd posing happily.


I also went to the Brooklyn bridge. The place below the bridge is one of my other favorites in the city. I love sitting with my man and watching the water, bridge and the skyline. Its just soothing. Oh my, how I am feeling the place as I am writing this.


Because of the wind here, my hair had turned easily into a mess. The bad hair day had begun. So I chose to tie my hair with a hair clutch, which I apparently bought from the street shopping. (Oh, you get awesome stuffs in the New York city street).


And I completed this day with taking a look at the Wall Street Bull. Oh, what a lovely day indeed.


Be awesome today and everyday!!!



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