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Denim on Denim 1.0

Denim has gained so much popularity in the recent days that the fashion world is going gaga over it. Denim is just not a basic wear anymore. It has expanded to that extent, we are seeing even “Denim saree” doing the buzz in the fashion industry. Ain’t that cool?

Denim word in itself screams comfort. You can loaf around in denim, plan for an outing, hiking, hang out with your girl gang wearing them, flaunt your curves and what not. Denim is that one thing which can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. And when the trend is back with so many class of Denim, grab yourself some cool stuff from your favorite brands and have fun. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box and choose some unique outfit for you. (As I said, they are in soooo many categories!!!)

I personally love being in a comfort denim and a basic T all 7 days of the week. So, for me the denim trend is a bliss. When denim is doing its round all over the city, I have grabbed a whole lot of different denim outfits for myself from various different brands and collections. So, you will find me in all types of denim outfits in the upcoming days.

Coming to my denim look in today’s post, I am wearing a denim dress. Do not mistake denim to be always heavy jeans kind of material. Since it is a dress, it is not heavy to wear and it’s also flowy. It is a thin strapped dress, so choose your lingerie wisely. You might want to go bold and choose that extra bright strapped lingerie and give your look a twist.

So, as you all know I am residing in the East Coast of the US and even in the late April, it’s breezy and windy. So, I opted for this cute mini denim jacket to pair it with my dress. And guess what, it worked well. And at times, I wrapped the jacket around my waist too. I went ahead with this look for both outdoor and indoor.

I think this is TMI for my first “denim” trend post. Will come up with a new denim look very soon in my upcoming blogs. Till then, enjoy this denim trend and have fun flaunting them. And yeah, below is my this post’s look book 🙂


PS: Be awesome today and every day!!!


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Pleats and all that colors

Pleats have been in fashion always. The free flowing, feminine detailing trend just adds that extra oomph factor to one’s overall look. Pleats are also comfort wear be it top, skirt or a dress.

Apart from the pleats, off shoulder is that trend which has been all over the media for quite some time now.  So, I chose to pair these two top trends today in my outfit.

The one I am wearing here is an off shoulder shift dress. The shift dress and the pleats are too much comfortness in one frame. The accordion pleats on the dress give that enormous fineness it deserves.

Since my dress is a plain navy blue one, I opted for these three effeminate colors – neon green, pink and white. The navy blue off shoulder shift pleated dress, neon green bag, pink bottle and the white sneakers all together sparkles one’s mood on any given day.


Be awesome today and every day!!!


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Pink for Spring

After a long time, I got to roam out in the sun without my winter jackets and boots. Since spring is officially ON, I tried pushing myself to wear something that screams out “Spring”. Spring is a season of life and colors. Who else would do the justice for Spring than the shades of Pink?

I have had longed for quite some days to get rid of the winter dresses from my closet. The east coast of the US has real long winter days that, even layering gets boring. And yea, as I was saying I got to roam under some warm sun after a very long winter. So, I thought to wear something spring-y. All I knew was I wanted to wear something pink. After taking a dig at my closet, I chose this mini skirt which has some fine prints on it. The random designs that are printed on the skirt made me settle to it.

Well after I decided on the skirt, I was wondering what to pair it with. I was confused with an off shoulder ruffle top and this full sleeved floral top. Generally, when I try to choose among options, I usually imagine myself in all kinds of places that I am going to be there, wearing that. Since it was for just an hour outing, I went ahead with this full sleeved pink floral top. The top has pink flowers printed on it. The pink floral prints on the beige color are quite soothing. Well, I am going monochrome way too often for a while now. 😀


The cute little things on it, the prints, the flowers and that bow are too good to not notice.


Be awesome today and every day!!!

Personal Style

Neon and Pleats


I personally feel, neon is a mood burster. It is splashy, gaudy and screams happiness all over. There are enormous ways to go neon. Neon is a color that can be chosen all year long for all seasons. Today, in my blog I have chosen a pleated neon maxi skirt. I paired it with a cream camisole top and a Pink Kimono Cardigan. This outfit is apt for a brunch outing or a casual get together. The pleats on the maxi actually does the job here. Its not just any flowy skirt. The pleats on the skirt gives a beautiful touch to the outfit. I chose a black heavy neck piece for this look. The black colored beads on the cream camisole takes the whole look to a new level.

Be awesome today and everyday!!!

Bodycon Dress

My ways of wearing a Bodycon Dress, differently!!!

One of my latest additions to my closet is a Bodycon Dress from Macy’s.

Few of the many reasons I bought this dress:

  • It is made up of polyester and hence feels extremely soft to wear.
  • It is so light weight, it can even easily be folded and make it fit into a small pouch.
  • Even when the dress is folded, I find no signs of crushes on the dress
  • The Classy Military Look on it

This has become my “wear and go everywhere” dress for the past few days. How I wear it, makes it different every time.

Look 1: CLASSY

This is a very easy and straight way of wearing the Bodycon Dress. An imp point one should keep in mind is the hairdo and also the accessories you want to match your outfit with.


I am wearing the dress as is. No change or modification to the cloth. I am wearing the exact same “Military” print shoes here. A solid belt wrist watch for the company. And I have made a tight pony giving it a sleek look. Also, I chose a rounded pair of shades to give that one Military Chic Look. No jewelry too.

TIP: Do not wear a watch with chain. Go for only Black or Brown belted ones. Also, socks should not be seen when you are wearing the sneakers this season.


Bodycon Dress from Macy’s  

Watch from Ferrari                  

Shoes from American Eagle    

Eye Shades from Forever 21   

Look 2: GIRLY


The same Bodycon dress worn with an oversized sweater top and matched with a pair of ballet. The above one looks like a pencil skirt paired it with a sweater top. Perfect for a evening outing with your girl gang. Any shades of eye wear should do. No rules here.

TIP : Always choose a oversized top for this look.


Bodycon Dress from Macy’s  

Top from J.CREW                  

Shoes from Forever 21          

Eye Shades from Ray Ban    

Look 3: CASUAL


Same Bodycon dress folded to make it seem like a T shirt. Gives a very casual look. No extra effort at all. Just a sneaker and you are all set. I have paired it with a pair of ripped jeans and a Vintage eye shade. Adjust the dress near your waist line so that it doesn’t look like you have folded the dress. ( Benefits of polyester 🙂 )

TIP : Wear a half jacket or a hoodie if you want to cover your waist line.


Bodycon Dress from Macy’s    

Jeans from ZARA                       

Shoes from ALDO                    

Eye Shades from Esprit

Watch from FOSSIL



Pair your dress with any pair of leggings. Perfect for a breezy evening or that evening when you don’t want to show off your legs.  I am wearing a scarf , boots and  orange eye shades here.

TIP : Wear it with a scarf, preferably a darker shade. You can also layer it with an open poncho. That way, you don’t even realize its heavy and also keeps you warm.


Bodycon Dress from Macy’s  

Leggings from H&M

Boots from Macy’s   

Eye Shades from Fastrack

Scarf from Charlotte Russe

Look 5: CHIC


Chose a Denim romper skirt on the dress. Adjusted the length of the dress and was good to go.  Gives a Chic look. No jewelry needed at all.

TIP : Pair it with a odd shade of romper so that your dress is highlighted too. Let your hair be free for this look.


Bodycon Dress from Macy’s  

Romper Skirt from Target

Shoes from Old Navy 

Eye Shades from Forever 21   

Be awesome today and everyday!!!